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The Best Home Gadgets of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is renowned for unveiling the latest tech innovations, and the spotlight extends beyond flashy TVs and phones to include remarkable home gadgets. From smart kitchen appliances to advanced sprinkler systems, here are some top picks of the groundbreaking home tech showcased at CES 2023:

Samsung Bespoke AI Oven

Availability: Expected in Q3 2023

Price: To be announced

Samsung elevates kitchen innovation with its AI Oven. Featuring Sense Inside AI technology and an in-oven camera, it recognizes ingredients, prevents overcooking, and offers live cooking streams to social media.

Fellow Opus Grinder

Availability: Available from February 2023

Price: $195

The Opus Grinder from Fellow transforms coffee grinding. With conical burrs and 41 settings, it caters to espresso lovers and offers grind versatility for various coffee types.

Moen Smart Sprinkler System

Availability: Expected in February 2023

Price: Starts at $180 for the Sprinkler Controller; $70 per Soil Sensor

Moen introduces a smart sprinkler system comprising a controller and soil sensors. It grants greater control over home irrigation, allowing zone customization and autonomous watering based on soil moisture levels.

Nanoleaf Sense+ Controls & Skylight

Availability: Anticipated in Q3 2023

Price: Details to be disclosed

Nanoleaf's Sense+ Controls, powered by AI assistant Nala, integrate motion and ambient light sensors to automate lighting. The Skylight introduces modular lighting panels mounted on ceilings.

Rachio Smart Hose Timer

Availability: Launching in March 2023

Price: $100

Rachio's Smart Hose Timer transforms regular hoses into smart irrigation systems, allowing customizable watering routines and automatic rain skip.

Kaltech Yuragi Junsui Premiere Humidifier

Availability: Planned for release in 2023

Price: Not yet announced

Kaltech introduces the world's first photocatalytic humidifier. It uses filters and photocatalytic plates to soften tap water while eliminating impurities.

GlüxKind Ella Stroller

Availability: Expected in April 2023

Price: $3,800

A standout innovation, the AI-powered GlüxKind Ella Stroller offers self-driving capabilities, smart brake features, and built-in white noise for a seamless parenting experience.

Bird Buddy Hummingbird Feeder

Availability: Release date to be announced

Price: Details pending

Bird Buddy introduces a smart hummingbird feeder equipped with motion sensors that capture photos and videos of hummingbirds while identifying their species.

Kohler Sprig

Availability: Anticipated arrival in May 2023

Price: $139

Kohler's new wellness brand, Sprig, presents the Shower Infusion Kit designed for aromatherapy-infused showers to transform daily routines into rejuvenating experiences.

Davis WeatherLink Console

Availability: Available from February 2023

Price: $395

Davis launches the WeatherLink Console, a WiFi-connected touchscreen device offering hyperlocal weather forecasts and customizable displays.

LG MoodUp Refrigerator

Availability: Release details forthcoming

Price: Details pending

LG's four-door MoodUp Refrigerator boasts color-changing LED panels, a built-in Bluetooth speaker for music streaming, and synchronization of colors with music beats.

Masonite MPwr Smart Door

Availability: Expected arrival in 2023

Price: Pricing to be announced

Masonite introduces the MPwr Smart Door featuring built-in LED lighting, a Ring Doorbell Cam, Yale Smart Lock, and a backup battery for uninterrupted functionality.

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