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DAHR in Southern Pines, NC

At Druther Homes, one of our core values is "adding value to the community and the company." DAHR is one of our partners that helps us accomplish this vision. So I sat down with Sanna Nassar to better understand what DAHR is and how it's inspiring people with an eye for style and design within our community here in Moore County.

DH: What is the guiding light of DAHR?

Answer: A place for interior design, home decor, local artists, and fashion.

DH: What has been the DAHR Journey since opening in March 2021?

Answer: DAHR was a dream I had in mind. (When my kids got older) However, That came sooner than expected. That said, it's been nothing less than a successful step that we took overnight. When I say overnight, I mean I heard about it from a sweet friend, A pretty incredible designer in our company. Amanda Dieguez. After putting the kiddos to bed, I quickly emailed the landlord that night and insisted that I could bring something nobody had to town. My husband and I only really discussed a little about it, as we already knew one day I wanted to expand Furniture In The Pines, but with a different vision.

DH: What Makes DAHR Unique?

Answer: I wanted a vital place that empowered women. A place to come in and feel at home. (Dahr means Home in Arabic) No pressure, you don't have to buy anything. Get some inspiration from a unique place that offers different pieces of interior furniture worldwide—high-quality furniture at affordable prices. We made good relationships with our vendors and have the flexibility to offer that to our small town, and our military families. Hey, we don't need to profit like "big box stores" on every piece.

DH: If you were to take a moment and reflect on the milestones and achievements, what are they?

Answer: In 2022, we opened our Dahr design studio just above our Dahr location in Southern Pines. The space is utilized for meeting with clients, brainstorming ideas, and exhibiting design boards. I feel my vision is now complete. I have dreamt of this since Furniture in the Pines started its Journey. The process begins with a client discussing their space and goals with the team. They are then paired with a designer who will take care of everything, including consultation and ordering products, while listening to feedback along the way. Although we already offered design services, I wanted to take that extra step. And, again, that took off!

DH: What's the feeling a person takes away from working with DAHR?

Answer: Trust! When clients experience our products and services, and we earn their trust, they come back with family and friends! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. More returning customers, more referrals vs. one or two sales now and then.

Building trust within the community is our future! Oh, we have plans to expand to different towns/cities. I dream big, and I would love to franchise it. Haha

What is the DAHR / Druther Homes connection? Beyond supporting a family-operated business like ours, Nicole, our in-house designer, uses the furniture we buy at DAHR to complete the formal presentation of a Designer Home by Druther.

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