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2023’s Cutting-Edge Trends in Custom Home Design

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

As we venture into the new year, the landscape of custom home design continues to evolve. Reflecting on the past and envisioning the future, I see a consistent thread—designing spaces that cater to various needs while embracing functionality and innovation. The influence of the pandemic has been a significant driving force, reshaping preferences and priorities in custom home layouts and amenities.

Pandemic Impact on Design Trends

Since the onset of the pandemic, a fundamental shift in clients' needs emerged. Homes became not just sanctuaries but multifunctional spaces accommodating diverse lifestyles. The emphasis shifted towards crafting dwellings equipped for remote work, homeschooling, fitness routines, and entertainment—all under one roof. This trend persists, with families seeking homes designed for resilience and adaptability.

Predicted Design Trends for 2023

Drawing from extensive experience in custom home design, here's a glimpse into the anticipated trends for the upcoming year:

Symmetrical Kitchen-Dining Layouts: Symmetry continues to shape kitchen and dining areas, creating visually appealing and functional spaces. Aligning the kitchen island with the dining nook enhances aesthetics and functionality across various architectural styles.

Evolution of Sculleries: Walk-in pantries now evolve into functional 'sculleries'—mini kitchens integrated with the primary kitchen. This trend simplifies food preparation and storage, exemplifying practicality without compromising on design.

Focus on Aging-in-Place Design: Homes are increasingly designed with foresight, accommodating aging-in-place needs. Wider hallways, spacious rooms, and thoughtful layouts are becoming standard, ensuring homes remain functional as needs evolve.

Reimagined Recreation Spaces: The allure of self-contained living spaces gains momentum. Homes will feature dedicated areas for recreation, offering indoor entertainment options without relying on external sources.

Ensuites' Dominance: Ensuite bathrooms attached to bedrooms become the norm, catering to various family dynamics and providing personal spaces for guests and family members.

Strategic Mudroom Placement: Well-designed homes incorporate thoughtful adjacencies. Proximity between mudrooms, bathrooms, and garages enhances convenience for modern lifestyles.

Pervasive Home Gyms: Home gym spaces, varying in size and amenities, remain a significant inclusion, reflecting the desire for convenience and health-conscious living.

Versatile Guest Wings: Guest suites transform into flexible spaces, not solely for hosting guests but as retreats for family members needing privacy or space for recovery.

Enduring Home Offices: Home offices and studies continue to hold importance, with an increased square footage dedicated to multiple workspaces, catering to family needs.

Primary Suites with In-Room Laundry: A growing preference for convenience leads to the inclusion of washer-dryer setups within primary suites, streamlining daily chores.

Surprising, Unique Spaces: The allure of unexpected, delightful spaces gains traction, allowing for functional and intriguing design elements within otherwise overlooked areas.

In embracing these trends, custom homes are becoming havens of comfort, adaptability, and efficiency. Each trend encapsulates the changing needs and desires of modern living, offering homeowners a harmonious blend of practicality and aesthetics.

As we embark on the journey into 2023, these design trends pave the way for crafting personalized, innovative, and purpose-driven homes, meeting the evolving demands of contemporary living.

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